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TopCoder Problem Statement - EyeDrops
Single Round Match 167 Round 1 - Division II, Level One


Determine a schedule for taking medication.

Java Source:
01: public class EyeDrops {
03:     public double closest(int sleepTime, int k) {
05:         double interval = 24.0 * 60.0 / (double) k;
07:         if (interval > (sleepTime * 60)) return interval;
09:         return 60.0 * (24 - sleepTime) / (double) (k - 1);
10:     }
11: }

There are two cases to consider here. One in which our calculated interval is shorter than the sleep time. The other is when the interval is longer.

Begin by calculating the interval by dividing the day up into k equal segments (line 5) - ignoring sleepTime for the moment. If the sleepTime fits entirely within one of those intervals, then simply return the interval. In this case, the person could take the drops, remain awake for a period of time, then sleep, wake back up, and take the drops again. The interval is the same just as if they had never slept.

For example, if the drops needed to be taken twice per day and you slept for 8 hours per day, them the drops would be taken every 12 hours, and the sleep time would not affect the schedule.

In the second case, we need to subtract the sleepTime off the length of the day, and then divide the remainder of the day by k-1 to get the interval.

An example of this case is if the person sleeps for 8 hours and then needs to take the drops 5 times. Here, they'd take the first drop as soon as the woke up (say 8:00 AM). They'd take the remaining drops at 12:00PM, 4:00PM, 8:00PM, and finally at 12:00AM (just before going back to sleep).

Be careful to cast ints to doubles where needed.

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